Please bring in the following information with you:

Residents and Non-Residents
Driver’s License and a current piece of business mail or another piece of ID that has your current address on it.

Fee for Membership for a Non-Resident is:

  • $5.00/month per person or $40.00/year per person
  • $10.00/month per family or $80.00/year per family

Applicants that are under the age of 16 require the signature of their parent/guardian on their application form along with their parent’s ID. In the event that material is lost or damaged, parents/guardians will be responsible for the cost of replacing the material.

Loan Periods:

Type of Material Loan Period  
Adult and Junior Books 3 weeks  
Interlibrary Loan Books Variable  
Talking Books 3 weeks  
Magazines 3 weeks  
DVD’s 1 week  
Musical Instruments 3 weeks